Arc de la Mort

Falling desperately within, Hiding away from reality, not wanting to touch or reach its depths. Sadness filling up all the emptiness of life so far. Stretching across my soul, pulling it apart, causing abscesses to form deep inside, where no one can reach or help in any way. Devoid of friendship, alone in catacombs that I can't seem to find my way out of.

Welcome to the Catacombs, Proceed with caution

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This is a compressed archive of simple life forms and specimens that have been composed over eons, the site itself acts as an entity as it is living and breathing,

unlike some of you. Please watch your step and be weary at your own discretion as this site may contain some disturbing imagery and mature material.

Yes, yes, hello, welcome traveler, to our humble catacombs! Please make yourself at home, you are one of the few to stumble across this rift in time, how lucky, or... unlucky. Might I suggest a mental note for your weary mind? Be very wary of where you step, yes, some of the things found in these winding halls may be of a mature suiting and nature. Don't rest your bones for long, for the swirls of the dead night should take away your mind from its numb slumber in the realm of the living dead.

- The Keeper

A nostalgic fog clouds your imperfect memory of all desire, impulse, feeling, perception, and morals. you are no longer human. how freeing.